written by Ann

Eva Longoria Celebrates Her Birthday

Eva Longoria went to her own restaurant, Beso, to celebrate her birthday (she will turn 33 on Saturday). She was a very lucky girl with many good friends in the celebrity circle. Eva said that if her chef in Beso were to call in sick, she would be able to stand in and cook for her restaurant without any problems. She told the press that she collected recipes wherever she went. I envy Eva, who has managed to look beautiful and slim while eating out regularly.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in Beso Eva Longoria celebrating birthday Eva Longoria 3.jpg Eva Longoria 4.jpg Eva Longoria 5.jpg Eva Longoria 6.jpg Eva Longoria 7.jpg Eva Longoria 8.jpg


  • Eva’s birthday is March 15th and a fun group birthday card has been created for her. Please stop by and leave a personal message!


  • I bet Eva would love this Angela.

  • Eva Longoria and Eve, what a threesome that would be, Love Eve so curvy those thick legs and the tattoos on her nipples lol, love it