written by Wanda

Eva Longoria In A Sexy Sheer Dress

I’m so thrilled I have the chance to write about Eva Longoria again already. I sometimes feel this woman doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I also understand, however, that there are many out there who feel she gets too much credit but hey, we can’t all agree all of the time. I personally think Eva looks stunning here. I love the dress. It’s sexy and racy without being too over the top. It also perfectly compliments her body. I have to talk about her makeup as well though. Her cheekbones look fantastic and she made the right call going with a more muted shade on her lips paired with the dark eye makeup. I’ve always felt Eva’s eyes were her best feature and this makeup really calls attention to them. I also like the understated hair and jewelry. This look is perfect and Eva looks stunning as usual.


  • she is gorgeous, who is that other tasty chick with her, both are hot

  • eva is a fox, the lady with her is sexy too, hotties