written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Is A Classy Babe

Eva Longoria makes me smile. I can’t really figure out what exactly it is about her that has that effect on me, but it’s the truth all the same. She’s a stunning woman but she doesn’t seem like the sort of woman that’s completely hung up on her looks. She’s been photographed looking less than gorgeous, but it doesn’t real seem to bother her a whole lot. When it comes time to hit the red carpet though or attend some sort of social function you can be almost certain that Eva is going to look beautiful. She also doesn’t need to flash a lot of skin to be sexy. Just take a look at her in this relatively demure ensemble. She’s still sexy while remaining classy. I love this girl.


  • Well said, classy.

  • KoKoStiletto: hhahaa that’s hilarious that an Asian doesn’t look good in an “Asian” costume! I find that Victoria Secret has some pretty amazing bras though if you’re looking for a little oomph ;)

  • I like Eva Longoria. She reminds me a bit of Maria Menounos. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

    Most of the time Eva does cover up and still looks sexy which is cool. Sexy shouldn’t equate to the amount of flesh you show. It’s how you carry yourself.

  • she sure is classy and she sure is a babe, she is so sexy its unreal

  • I love her, she is only tiny but so sexy in high heels, I love her what a milf, easily one of the hottest women and she needs more pics on here, stunning

  • fine looking women is eva, great body on her, lovely legs, the lady in the red dress looks well tidy too, pretty milfy herself if you dont mind me saying

  • Eva is a babe, very pretty stunning figure, The Lady in the red dress is sexy too, nice legs

  • eva longoria is a goddess imo, the lady in the red as others have mentioned is fine as hell, who is she, well nice