written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Is An Absolute Beauty.

There really aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much I love Eva Longoria. She’s classy. She’s beautiful. She’s intelligent. She’s witty. She’s talented. For those reasons, and so many more, I both adore and admire this woman. Although there are a lot of women in the entertainment industry I have mad lust for, Eva is a little different. She is someone I respect and look up to. It’s weird for a woman to say she has a role model at 30 but I’m saying it anyway. I don’t feel I’ve grown up yet. When I do, I’d like to be someone like Eva. I don’t mean in a physical way, of course, because come on – that just couldn’t happen. I mean in terms of who she is as a person, or at least who she is when the world is looking. I couldn’t care less about what she’s like behind closed doors. The image she puts out there for the public is the image I see and it’s the image I want to see when I look in the mirror. Figuratively, of course. Although looking like Eva wouldn’t be half bad either.

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