written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Looking Adorable On Extra At The Grove

I adore – absolutely adore – Eva Longoria. She’s beautiful, talented, smart and outspoken. She uses her position as a public figure to support causes that are important to her and she always does so in an intelligent and passionate way. I don’t subscribe to the theory that actors/actresses/musicians should do what they’re paid to do and keep their opinions to themselves. Clearly Eva doesn’t either and I respect and admire her for that. Here on the set of “Extra” at the Grove in Los Angeles, Eva looks beautiful. I have to admit to being slightly distracted though because, come on, Mario Lopez is in the photos too and that man is just ten kinds of smoking hot. Great pictures over all.


  • I have never much cared for Eva. I am not sure what it is about her. She is not really all that pretty to me. Even with makeup on, she just is an average person to me. I do not even think that she is that good of an actress.

  • she looks great here, yes she is very pretty and has a great figure sure, these 2 would make a hot couple, her and lopez, he probably did bang her anyway after judging by the pics.

    I agree I don’t think she is that good of an actress but then nowadays most actors and actresses are not all that good it just all boils down to looks.

  • i wana fuk sexy eva so bad, seems she wants mario lopez too she so wants his cock, what a whore i love it

  • she shagged him after i bet, she is a milf but god she is a prick teaser just like salma hayek both love dick so bad

  • what I would give to spend just one night with mrs longaria, what a fox

  • when is eva going to just make the transition to porn, i hope she does some in the future god damn she is hot, id play to watch her get it on with that stud of a man mario lopez

  • she looks great as always, yummy legs too, gorgeous, i would enjoy her company

  • eva is a teaser lol, Id love to explode my stuff off all that pretty face of her’s