written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Looks As Gorgeous As Ever At The Devious Maids Premiere

Oh how much do I love Eva Longoria? I love this lady like I love kittens and let me tell you, I am a lady that loves kittens. Eva looks incredible here in these photos snapped at premiere party for Lifetime Original Series Devious Maids. I didn’t have a lot of interest in seeing Devious Maids until I saw these photos and realized Eva Longoria is involved. Now I can say for certain I will be tuning in without a doubt. I would watch Eva in anything. I know she’s not exactly the most gifted actress in the industry but she’s certainly far from the worst. She’s a great comedic actress and plays characters on shows like this one really well. I really hope this one does well. Now that The Client List has ended for the season, I need a new nighttime soap to fill the gap. Devious Maids should fill that gap splendidly.


  • eva is so pretty, all 4 women in that one pic are fit as hell though eva is a goddess,

  • wouldnt mind jerking over her sexy face and her feet, hot damn