written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Looks Gorgeous At Cannes

I don’t know if I’ve recently mentioned how very, very much I love Eva Longoria but in case I haven’t, I’ll mention it now. I love Eva Longoria. I love her very, very much. She’s beautiful, smart and completely unafraid to speak her mind. I also think Eva is a gifted actress and I don’t think she gets nearly enough credit for that. I know her work outside of Desperate Housewives hasn’t exactly set the world on fire but I think she still has a bright future, if not in acting than certainly in politics. This woman can debate with the best of them. In these photos from Cannes, Eva is looking absolutely incredible. She has an incredible body and the dress she’s chosen here really highlights all her finest features. I also love the simplistic approach to the hair. It lets her face really stand out and she has such beautiful features.

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  • she is perfect