written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Rocks A Pair Of Sexy Tight Jeans

I like Eva Longoria’s new show Devious Maids. I know it’s seen its fair share of controversy and, for once, I can understand where that controversy is coming from but I can also see where Eva Longoria was coming from when she signed on as executive producer. Does the show contribute to the Latinas as maids stereotype? Maybe on the surface but the characters on this show are much more than they’re profession. Their employers are made to look like the bad guys and the maids really are the heroes of the show – in most cases. Maybe the maid role is a stereotype for Latinas in Hollywood to some extent but these maids are far from supporting cast members and they are far from stereotypical maids. It’s nice to see a show with Latinas taking every leading role on the show and perhaps this will open doors for other shows to follow suit. The actresses themselves are beautiful and talented women who could have a real shot at long, lasting careers. If this show gives them their big break (although some of them are already fairly well known), I’m all for it. Anyway, all that aside, these photos of Eva in┬áher tight jeans as she heads out in West Hollywood are fabulous. This lady is beautiful, talented and I really think she has made a smart choice by getting involved with this show.


  • Eva looks fine as always

  • a sexy women in a pair of tight jeans, yummy eva is so gorgeous

  • what a babe she is, pure goddess