written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Takes A Stroll In LA

I absolutely love how many Eva Longoria photo sets are popping up on my assignment list as of late. It’s always such a pleasure to write about her. She’s stunning, smart, funny and is the kind of woman that really has the ability to look incredible without a lot of makeup. She’s just such a natural beauty and that really appeals to me. She also strikes me as a very self confident person who feels comfortable with who she is and comfortable in her own skin. In these photos, snapped in LA, Eva is looking adorable. I’m normally not a fan of bright yellow but Eva really makes it work. Although some might argue her career has stalled a little bit over the last little while, I can see that changing, even if she goes in a bit of a different direction. There has been some talk of Eva getting involved in politics and I’d love to see that. She’s a smart, strong woman I think could do a lot of good in politics … or could at least try.


  • she is so fit, every time I watch her on desperate housewives I get hard, orgasmic face and an awesome body, eva is such a hottie

  • nice booty on eva, she is such a fox

  • she is so pretty, great ass too