written by Wanda

Eva Longoria Takes In A Little Basketball

Eva Longoria is a beautiful and classy woman. I know there are some people out there who would argue that but I honestly couldn’t care less and I doubt Eva could either. She’s a confident, secure woman and more than her looks or her acting skills, I like those qualities most about her. She’s the kind of woman I think a lot of women out there can look up to. She isn’t afraid to appear on camera looking a little less than her best (that was an entire plot line on her show “Desperate Housewives” after all) and that speaks volumes to me about what a woman is really like when the cameras aren’t rolling. I also love that her divorce from Tony Parker hasn’t kept her from enjoying the things she loves – like basketball, for instance. Eva has always been very open about her love of the game so it’s great to see pictures of her enjoying the Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks.


  • Eva Longoria rocks! Loved her in Desperate Housewives! I’d like to see her in some films though. I’m sure she’s been in some, though I haven’t seen them. I wonder what series she’ll be in next.

    Is that Kevin Costner next to her?

  • Yeah, Maki, it looks like Kevin Costner to me. I think it is. Mostly sure it is. Either that or he has an identical twin brother who’s pally with Eva Longoria!

    I think Eva’s beautiful, sassy and talented. I like her.

  • such a babe id find it hard sitting next to her without putting me arms around her she is such a hottie, then again if i were that close to her i would have a giant boner for one

  • what a fittie