written by Ann

Eva Longoria’s Orange Bikini

Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker were in Portofino, Italy, on July 10. Eva sunbathed while Tony enjoyed swimming in the sea. Eva looked beautiful in her orange bikini. She looked like she has put on some weight on her behind. There was a rumor on Eva seeking a chance to enter the fashion industry. She was said to have consulted her good friend, Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice’s jeans, dVb, was a controversial item as the sales were sometimes poor.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in orange bikini Eva Longoria 3.jpg Eva Longoria 4.jpg sexy Eva Longoria Eva Longoria drinking cola Eva Longoria 7.jpg Eva Longoria 8.jpg Eva Longoria 9.jpg Eva Longoria ass Eva Longoria tattoo Eva Longoria 12.jpg Eva Longoria 13.jpg Eva Longoria 14.jpg Eva Longoria reading a book beautiful Eva Longoria Eva Longoria 17.jpg Eva Longoria 18.jpg Eva Longoria in Portofino Eva Longoria 20.jpg


  • wow. But You know she could be better :)

  • She is getting fat …

  • She’s Probably Pregnant, Not Fat!

  • id hit it

  • Uh, oh. My once skinny Mexican born wife started putting on weight when she was 28. At 36 she is now well over 200 pounds.

  • I think she is pregnant but she still looks too skinny. That poor chick needs to eat something!!!!!


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