written by Ann

Eva Mendes’ Cleavage Show

Eva Mendes attended the premiere of “Live” in Paris, France. She looked fabulous in her black dress. I like Eva’s natural looking makeup. It helped her to look beautiful and her tan was nice too. Her low cut spaghetti dress top looked strained as it struggled to hold in check those famous boobs. Eva had confidence that her dress would hold up and she even did a low curtsey to prove it. What a disappointment. Nothing fell out and it was business as usual for the model.

Eva Mendes Cleavage

Eva Mendes 1.jpg Eva Mendes 2.jpg Eva Mendes 3.jpg Eva Mendes 4.jpg Eva Mendes 5.jpg Eva Mendes 6.jpg Eva Mendes 7.jpg Eva Mendes 8.jpg Eva Mendes 9.jpg Eva Mendes 10.jpg Eva Mendes 11.jpg Eva Mendes 12.jpg Eva Mendes 13.jpg


  • You gotta love this latina looking babe! :)

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