written by Ann

Eva Mendes’ Hills Come Alive!

Eva Mendes was not only beautiful but outrageously confident during her TV appearance in the French talk show. She wore a stunning black top with a gaping neckline that plunged down dangerously low and wide. She exposed celebrity skin in the valley and some of her hills. Her colleague seated next to her virtuously kept his eyes averted away. The camera gave us these fabulous side boob snaps. It seemed like Eva did not use adhesive tape on her top as her material shifted wildly and did expose more than she knew.

Eva Mendes Erotic Dress

Eva Mendes talk show Eva Mendes French Show Eva Mendes Erotic Dress 3.jpg Eva Mendes Erotic Dress 4.jpg Eva Mendes Erotic Dress 5.jpg Eva Mendes Erotic Dress 6.jpg Eva Mendes Erotic Dress 7.jpg

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  • Really nice shots!


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