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Eva Mendes’ Sexy Pictorial

The beautiful furs complement with the beautiful curves and fair skin color of Eva Mendes. The Gost Rider sexy TV reporter shows off the endless beauty of her sexy body in these recent photos of her, and her beautiful long legs looks so nice with her on her sexy flower accentuated skirt. If you are a Need for Speed player, it is in no doubt when she appears to be the game’s image model. She has a super hot and ravishing body. Aside being visible in numerous movies including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider and more for more than a decade already, Eva Mendes also has covered numerous magazines like Maxim and Flaunt.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Eva MendesEva Mendes


  • I amazed how erotic photo shoot can be. 10 points for this one!

  • because she is the hotness

  • Eva gets hotter as each day passes.

  • Eva is the sexiest!

  • I can’t believe everyone thinks Eva is sooooo hot! I see girls like her every day and believe me, they are not hot at all. Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, (can’t think of any more right now, but) they are real women. And by real I mean superhot divas. She reminds me of this bum I saw once. That’s right! A he bum. That’s how ugly I think she is. And that “beauty mark” on her left cheek is not attractive as it is on other women, as was the case of lovely miss Marilyn Monroe.

  • I can’t believe how hateful some people can be online. EVA IS A FOX!

    Absolutely love this girl. Would marry her tomorrow.

    Eva if you get this message please do get in touch with me.

  • not all that, she has great boobs so she is highly rated not to mention she has so many sex scenes in stuff, she obviously is another attention whore

  • massive slut but love it

  • great tit she has, she is slutty bitch tho like many celebs, salma hayek another one