written by Wanda

Famke Janssen Is My Lady Crush Of The Day.

I don’t know if calling Famke Janssen my lady crush of the day is entirely fair because I’ve been madly in lust with the woman for quite some time now. I loved her in the “X-Men” series and as Xenia Onatopp in “Golden Eye” but I have been a touch obsessed with her since I saw her in “The Wackness”. She was absolutely brilliant in that movie which happens to be one of my personal favorites. This photo shoot shows everything I love most about Famke. She seems like a down to earth, easy going sort of woman who is beautiful dressed down in casual clothes or dressed up in something more elegant. I think the first picture is my favorite although I am partial to the picture with the dog. I just love this woman and am thrilled I’ve finally had the chance to post about her on here.


  • wow she is so sexy

  • very nice pictures thanks for adding her she is absolutely gorgeous and is 6 feet tall, even better

  • lovely looking lady and nice legs on her, she is very nice