written by Wanda

Famous Pippa Middleton Goes Skating

Okay, someone really needs to tell me what the big deal is with Pippa Middleton because I just don’t get it. I really, really don’t. She just doesn’t really look all that attractive to me. Is it because she’s Kate Middleton’s sister? If that’s the case, I would take Kate over Pippa any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, Pippa is cute and she’s got a nice body but people talk about her like she’s the hottest woman on the planet and yeah, I just don’t see it. Perhaps I’m missing something. In fact, I’m almost positive I am. I’m sure one of you will be kind enough to tell me what that is in the comments section.


  • she has a great easy life lol, fit still

  • average looking lady really her friend looks as good really