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Fergie Buzzes Brentwood

Kelly Brook’s little outfit from yesterday’s post seems to have launched a new fashion? Here we see Fergie pounding the mean streets of Brentwood in an outfit few among us would have the dramatic bravura to even consider. Black top –with ill-advised stripes – dayglo green at the wrist, and pants of such vivacious, bubble-gum pink, they must be visible from space! And let’s not forget what has to be the largest Walkman in the history of sound, if you judge by those cans. This is a lady who truly commits to her music. Either that or she wears them to avoid hearing people’s reviews of the outfit.


Fergie trainingFergie in pink Fergie Fergie wearing black top Fergie with Walkman Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Brentwood Fergie listening to music Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie


  • Is it me or Fergie is getting fatter :)

  • She’s put on weight but if you think she’s ‘fat’, you need to book an appointment at the opticians.

  • I didn’t mean that she is actually “fat”, but I said, that she is getting fatter which is probably not so wrong.