written by Christine

Fergie In Mexico

Sheesh, I just hate looking out my window at the blinking snow falling after seeing pics like this. This is hit singer, songwriter, actress, you name it Fergie taking some time out in Mexico to chill out with some friends. And yes of course she looks amazing. I love it when the celebs look great but don’t look like stick figures as well. I mean, the girl has curves but not an ounce of fat, how does she DO that? Enquiring minds want to know…

Fergie Bikini

Fergie wearing Bikini Fergie on the Beach Fergie Bikini 3.jpg Fergie Bikini 4.jpg Fergie Bikini 5.jpg Fergie Bikini 6.jpg Fergie Bikini 7.jpg Fergie Bikini 8.jpg Fergie Bikini 9.jpg Fergie Bikini 10.jpg Fergie Bikini 11.jpg Fergie Bikini 12.jpg Fergie Bikini 13.jpg Fergie Bikini 14.jpg


  • Thanks for delivering Fergie in a bikini :)

  • Fergie has one of the best bodies. Look at that abs and ass. Both have such definitions. That bikini is totally superbad. Love it. Love her.

  • I never get bored of Fergie, especially when wearing bikini.

  • the hours spent in the gym pumping iron have realy paid off. every muscle is perfectly shaped. superb body


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