written by irene

Fergie In Socks

Okay, so this is a really cute batch of photos of Black Eyed Peas muse Fergie. Ever so fashionable, Fergie showed up at the airport wearing enviable boot boots, enviable shades, enviable jacket and enviable red mini dress (complete with the scarf as accent). Still, when the airport officials had to require her to take her boot boots off and she was down to her socks, Fergie still looked as pretty and as cute as ever! Click to see the rest of Fergie in socks!

Fergie in Socks

Fergie Airport Fergie Pics Fergie Airport 3.jpg Fergie Airport 4.jpg Fergie Airport 5.jpg Fergie Airport 6.jpg Fergie Airport 7.jpg Fergie Airport 8.jpg Fergie Airport 9.jpg Fergie Airport 11.jpg Fergie Airport 12.jpg Fergie Airport 13.jpg Fergie Airport 14.jpg Fergie Airport 15.jpg Fergie Airport 16.jpg Fergie Airport 19.jpg


  • I would love to sniff her socks and have them all over my face. I bet they were stinky

  • i would also like to sniff her feet


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