written by Ann

Fergie Shines In Tight Pants

American Idol Gives Back has proven itself to be one of the best shows to raise charity funds. Fergie was one of the generous celebrities who supported the cause by her contribution of a great performance. She looked smashing in those tight pants.

American Idol Gives Back donates money to around 9 charities and their officials vet the potential uses of the money. The cash was slowly dispersed to exercise caution on all sides. Don’t you think that is a good cause to support?

Fergie, pants

American Idol Gives Back Fergie 2.jpg Fergie posing Stacy Ann Ferguson Fergie 5.jpg Fergie 6.jpg Fergie 7.jpg Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie 10.jpg Fergie 11.jpg Fergie 12.jpg Fergie 13.jpg Fergie 14.jpg Fergie 15.jpg Fergie Ass Fergie 17.jpg


  • hi fergie,i wanted to me you ever since you got off stage at the sun fest and you saw me there because you looked right me and i just wanted to let you know that i am a handicapped kid and i would love it if i can do a movie with you because i want to become a star and if i can do a movie with you i would love it.

  • damn fergie is a hot sexy gorgeous babe with a smokin hot juicy ass in skin-tight ass hugging leather pants and i’d love to slap it babe.