written by Ann

Fergie Sings At Seminole Hard Rock Live

Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson, performed at Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Live, in South Florida, last weekend. Fergie appeared before her act to donate a portion of her ticket sales to the Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Hollywood. Fergie handed over her check for $20,000. At a pre0-concert event, Fergie said she was happy to participate in the Ambassadors of Rock concert. During the show, Fergie sang “Here I Come”, and many others of her radio hits.


Seminole Hard Rock Live Fergie on stage Here I Come Rock concert Fergie 5.jpg Fergie 6.jpg Fergie 7.jpg Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie 10.jpg Fergie 11.jpg Fergie 12.jpg Fergie 13.jpg Fergie 14.jpg Fergie shows ass Fergie back


  • shake that ass Fergie :p

  • She simply rocks!!

  • sexy fergy :)*

  • i wish she keeps me as her personal housekeeper..
    i wish i get chance to become 24/7 servant…

  • This must have been a solo performance as I don’t see any of the Black Eyed Peas in these pictures. It was really nice of her to make that donation. It’s all her money and she’s worked hard for it. She didn’t have to make a donation, but she did, which is kind-hearted of her to do.