written by Wanda

Fergie Wearing Some Type Of Crazy Gown

Fergie… well, I just don’t know what I think about Fergie. Shown here throwing a pitch at the Sun Life Stadium before the Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets NFL game, looks so hot sometimes and other times, she looks like this. Her face is still gorgeous although a little mannish, her legs are incredible but it’s hard to pay attention to any of that when she’s wearing… whatever it is she’s wearing. It’s some type of dress. I think. But hey, it makes her boobs look incredible. It seems she’s put all of the drama with her hubby, Josh Duhamel, behind her but I’m kind of wondering if she doesn’t just have it stored under that frock somewhere. Lord knows what she could hide in that thing. Sometimes Fergie looks incredible – a trend setter, a fashion icon, a beauty. This is not one of those times.

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