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Fergie Wore Her Bikini In Bahamas

Stacy Ann Ferguson – Fergie and her fiancé Josh Duhamel were in Bahamas in these pictures. Not only did she look hot, her actions were hot too. It was funny how innocent behaviors gave rise to good picture taking opportunities. Josh would be one of the luckiest men alive to have such a beautiful fiancée as Fergie. I like the pictures of Fergie and Josh on their jet ski too. They looked like they had some serious fun.


Josh Duhamel Stacy Ann Ferguson Fergie wearing bikini Fergie ass Fergie poses in a doggy Bahamas Fergie 7.jpg Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie 10.jpg Fergie 11.jpg Fergie 12.jpg Fergie 13.jpg Fergie 14.jpg Fergie 15.jpg Fergie 16.jpg Fergie 17.jpg Fergie 18.jpg Fergie 19.jpg Fergie 20.jpg Fergie 21.jpg Fergie 22.jpg Jet Ski Fergie 24.jpg


  • Don’t get me wrong I find Fergie hot .. when she’s not looking like a Slap Happy CrackHead.

  • These pics are awesome. I still don’t get why all celebrities wearing oversized sunglasses.

  • fergie is beafiful

  • Fergie has a hot athletic body but not a pretty face, but thats okay because Josh has a beautiful face and a beautiful body. So if they ever have children together, hopefully it will get joshs beautiful face.


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