written by Ann

Fergie’s Shapely Bum

Fergie and her Black Eyed Peas were invited to perform at Slash’s 43rd Birthday Party, at the Bare Pool & Lounge in Las Vegas. Fergie wore a pair of tight PVC pants and went down on all fours in a raunchy dance routine. She crawled like a cat and must have raised the heat at the Lounge. I’m glad to see a change in choreography. Fergie behaved like a graceful feline who showed off a big, shapely bum.


dance routine Fergie 2.jpg Bare Pool & Loung Fergie 4.jpg Fergie 5.jpg PVC pants shapely bum sexy Fergie

1 Comment

  • Hi there Fergie or Anne Ferguson what ever you preffer
    I have heard all about you as a famous singer but there
    Is something I want to tell now this may be very very
    Embarrassing to you forgive me if I do. I found a picture
    Of you and your husband in Mexico that showed him
    Picking in your bumhole I really have to tell you very
    Badly I think you have a very nice hot looking ass
    Especially in that picture in Mexico of You and your
    Bum being touched by Josh I really wish I could see
    Your real bare bum have a nice day