written by Ann

Fergie’s Tight Pants

Fergie wore her tightest PVC pants during her performance in the Today Show. This was a repeat of her earlier show which she did basically a smiliar routine. Fergie wowed her crowd with her cartwheel and one hand stand. Fergie was a fitness freak and she did her own exercises in preparation for her concerts. It was a mean feat to accomplish and not many artists could do as Fergie did. I’m be waiting to see who can up Fergie on her one hand stand!


Today Show PVC pant latex Fergie 4.jpg tight pants Fergie 6.jpg Fergie 7.jpg Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie ass Fergie 11.jpg


  • She just can’t get much better.

  • Performing with a style!

  • those thighs look delicious!