written by Wanda

Fernanda Marin Is Always A Nice Treat

There are some ladies who appear to pop up on my assignments list every singe week. Fernanda Marin is not one of those women and while that makes me sad in one respect, it also kind of makes me happy. I’d love to see Fernanda more often because I think she’s one of the hottest women we’ve ever featured on the site, it’s nice to only see her once in a while because then her photo sets seem extra special. Take these shots of Fernanda in Malibu, for example. They’re just shots of her looking hot at the beach. We see photos like this all the time yet somehow, they seem hotter with Fernanda in them. That isn’t because she’s necessarily hotter than a Bar Rafaeli or a Adriana Lima. It’s because we don’t see her nearly as often. And, of course, also because she’s super freaking hot. Can’t forget that part.

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  • she sure is a hottie