written by Wanda

Fit Mena Suvari Out For A Jog

Here’s what I love about Mena Suvari. When Mena heads out for a jog, I really get the impression she’s doing it because she likes taking care of herself and enjoys jogging. It doesn’t seem to be about a good photo op and it doesn’t seem to be an excuse to get photographed wearing next to nothing. Sure there are probably less revealing things she could’ve chosen to wear but to me, that’s not what these pictures are about. These pictures are about Mena working out, staying fit and being comfortable with her body and with who she is. I love everything about this girl. She’s been one of my favorite actresses for a long time.


  • She must get this every time she goes out for a jog. How she doesn’t get fed up of her picture being taken or the paps don’t get fed up of taking them is beyond me. Guys, she’s just going out for a jog – you’ve taken these pics before.

  • hot

  • mena ass number one thx bro