written by Wanda

Florencia Tesouro Has One Nice Caboose

I have no idea who this woman is but my research has told me that Florencia Tesouro sometimes goes by the nickname ‘Floppy’ and that’s kind of weird to me. When I think of the word ‘floppy’, I think of a lop ear rabbit’s ears or something along those lines. Looking at these photos of Florencia in Miami, I’m having a hard time finding anything about her that looks ‘floppy’. I’m guessing there’s some sort of story behind the nickname but I wasn’t able to find it. If you know, feel free to share it in the comments. Anyway, enough about the nickname. Let’s talk about the pictures. I think this woman is gorgeous. She has an absolutely fantastic body. While some of the photos are a little ‘posey’ to me, I still think she looks fantastic. While I may not know who this girl is now, I’d certainly like to change that. I hope I see more of this lady soon.


  • maybe you cant undestand why, but “floppy” is for her name: Florencia.
    now she is a little fat, but a fwe years ago she won a contest “Miss Reef”

    • when you say fat I hope you’re not talking about these pictures. If so you’re stupid. Go to google and look up the word fat. Then go to google images, and look up fat people. You’ll get them in all shapes and sizes, but they’ll all be fat. She is far from fat in any of these pictures. What the hell is wrong with you. Don’t ever go to Brazil. The women there maybe to shapely for you, and I’m sure you’ll think most of them are fat too? lol

    • She as a perfect round big booty. How is that fat? She is very shapely. You must be retarded.

  • she is a bit fat? how stupid, there are some really laughable comments on here sometimes, she is sexy and curvy, if she is fat i give up really.

    very pretty women to boot, we need to see more of her, she is very nice indeed,

  • she is a model from argentina.
    you should check “hombre” website. its a magazine from argentina.
    nice site by the way. greetings from argentina

  • very sexy wow

  • i’d make her workout with no shower for 3 days straight and just eat that stinky ass omg. i’d suck a fart out of that thing.