written by Wanda

Francesca Eastwood Is Such A Babe.

Francesca Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s daughter. How does that happen? No seriously – how? I know how babies are made and all that but I don’t get how all these super hot women keep being born to not to such super hot parents. In fairness, I suppose Clint was pretty hot in his day and her mother, Frances Fisher, is pretty attractive as well but Francesca is a babe of outrageous proportions. I guess it just surprises me, especially considering Francesca’s rather liberal leanings. She is dating notorious photographer, Tyler Shields, after all – a guy that is no stranger to rather risque photoshoots (while I happen to love). In these photos from California, Francesca shows off her good genes in a sexy black bikini. Hard to find any flaws here. I love Francesca. I hope she is able to make a name for herself and not just find herself stuck with the ‘mostly known for being the daughter of someone famous’ label.


  • yes, she is quite nice

  • not bad at all, she is quite nice looking and nice body, quite hot still

  • Too fat for my liking

    • The Anonymous person calling her fat is stupid. Type In fat women in Google images, and you’ll get fat women. The women here is far from fat. Her tummy isn’t fat her neck isn’t fat nothing is fat about here. Do some reading on women body types.

  • her