written by Wanda

Gabrielle Anwar Gets Sexy On Miami Beach.

I read an article recently, won’t give them the extra hits by sharing it, about ugly women in Hollywood and Gabrielle Anwar’s name was on the list. Two things bothered me about that article. First, it was so incredibly mean spirited, not to mention kind of pointless. Second, there is nothing ugly about Gabrielle Anwar. This woman is beautiful and I think anyone looking at these photos from Miami Beach, Florida should be able to see that. In some ways, I suppose she’s not traditionally beautiful when compared to some of the other women in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful. I think she’s stunning actually. There’s something a little different about her. I don’t find that off putting. I find that makes her even more appealing. I love this girl. She’s was fantastic on “The Tudors” and she’s also fantastic on “Burn Notice”. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.


  • whis standards are you judging by ugly????
    she is fantastic the mixture of caucasian and egyptian
    makes for an extraordinarily beautiful woman
    i should be so lucky

    • I’m not sure if you’re initial question was for me, but I am not calling her ugly – nowhere near it. I think she’s stunning. I thought I made that clear in the post but perhaps I missed the mark.

  • You know that feeling you get in your nuts when you almost fall out of a treehouse.That is the feeling I get when I look at her.She has insane sex appeal.

  • sexy Gabrielle body thx bro

  • She’s hideous.

  • She turns on all of the switches. I should be so lucky