written by irene

Gemma Atkinson Has Big ____

I know what you’re thinking! Lucky kid, eh? Gemma Atkinson successfully knocked everyone’s socks off when she appeared during the opening of the Ultimo Store in Debenhams in Belfast, United Kingdom wearing something as sexy and slinky as that. Is that even a piece of clothing? Okay, so let’s play a game. Fill in the blanks! Gemma Atkinson has big ____. Be honest now!

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson Boobs Ultimo Store in Debenhams Gemma Atkinson Ultimo Store in Debenhams Gemma Atkinson 4.jpg Gemma Atkinson 5.jpg Gemma Atkinson 6.jpg Gemma Atkinson 7.jpg Gemma Atkinson 8.jpg Gemma Atkinson 9.jpg Gemma Atkinson 10.jpg Gemma Atkinson 11.jpg Gemma Atkinson 12.jpg Gemma Atkinson 13.jpg


  • Boobs? Does this make a winner? Hahaha. That was easy one :p

  • Kiddo is somehow not interested in her boobies. lol.

  • I bet he will regret it when he grows up :p

  • At least I am finding her sexy here.

  • Are those real??? To me they seem rather fake, what do you say?
    And ya leol, your observation is absolutely right, infact to me it seems as if the kid is kinda getting scared of them. lol

  • i dont that was real (love it)…she is so sexy…

  • Dhruva whatever, you must be gay, can you just not stop bashing nice tits? And no they are not fake; grab and see real and fake ones. These obviously hang low, maybe a bit too low, but are supported and pushed up nicely by the brassiere. Peace dude, stop bashing tits asshole lol.

  • whatever goes in that blank, I do believe it just cost me a keyboard. . .

  • Actually Soul, it’s well documented and she has admitted herself that she’s had a boob job…

  • She pretty sexy….

  • sexy big tit

  • big BOOBES

  • gemma looks very attractive in pink dress……magnificent

  • Quite possibly most beatuiful woman on the planet.

  • i want fuck gemma atkinson

  • Tits that make me toss off and then she’d give me a tit wank. then i fuck her and spunk over her tits.

  • Breasts that make me toss off and then she’d give me a tit wank. then i fuck her and spunk over her breasts.

  • That kid should have had a feel on her big knockers, wonderful boobs on her, imagine a tit wank off gemma and anal wow heaven

    The other women the blonde one with her is fit too, I would give her one too

  • so busty i love it, she is one hot fox, i agree with above the blonde lady next to her is fit too, id bang both

  • Gemma is super fine, fit as fuck, huge rack, awesome boobies on show here, The Blonde Milf with her is hot as fuck too, would mind a threesome with these 2 chicks on show here


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