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Gemma Atkinson Holds Two Balls

Sultry babe Gemma Atkinson sure knows how to rev up every red blooded man’s nerves! Here she is holding – what else – but two balls with her hand. To all you males out there – yes, I meant BALLS so quit grinning! =P Gemma recently graced the Everyman Cancer Charity Photocall and she also gave the spectators a flirty look when she held up two BIG BALLS as well. If you just simply cannot wait to see what else she grabbed by her hands, click away!

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson 1.jpg Gemma Atkinson 2.jpg Gemma Atkinson 3.jpg Gemma Atkinson 4.jpg Gemma Atkinson 5.jpg Gemma Atkinson 6.jpg Gemma Atkinson 7.jpg Gemma Atkinson 8.jpg Gemma Atkinson 9.jpg Gemma Atkinson 10.jpg Gemma Atkinson 11.jpg Gemma Atkinson 12.jpg Gemma Atkinson 13.jpg


  • I really do not get this symbol :x

  • She has just been on I’m A Celebrity in the UK and she seemed down to earth and a nice girl. Typical that they have to get a glamour model in to make men aware of their own gentiles!

  • wow, those balls look great with her. She is one of the hottest celebrity to come out of UK. She is dating some soccer stars there.
    She is very sexy, looks kinda smart too.
    wht is this x symbol .

  • A real a hot chick. Too hot to handle that big balls big or small, but it looks more of just posing on photos and nothing more. Fits on her which makes her even sexier and lovelier.

  • she is so sexy, she can play with my balls if she wants

  • she is so hot


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