written by Wanda

Gemma Atkinson Out For A Job In The Hollywood Hills

I have a serious soft spot for Gemma Atkinson. Her body is incredible, of course, but there’s something else about her that I really find appealing. I’m just not quite sure what that ‘something else’ is. I think it’s the fact that I see something very wholesome about her. I think it’s something in her bone structure. Regardless, she’s by far one of my favorite models simply because I feel there is something a little different about her. Here in these photos (shot in the Hollywood Hills), Gemma looks incredible, showing off her ridiculously toned body while still looking like she’s having a good time. Perhaps that’s part of why I like these photos so much. Fun is the last thing I think when I exercise. I find the idea that she seems to enjoy it intriguing.


  • Nice abs-But he needs to borrow her training bra.

  • i bet the guy boned her, she is very fit indeed

  • that guy is jacked, bet he pounded her really hard lol