written by Wanda

Gemma Atkinson Reminds Me Of Why I Love This Job

Life, ya know? It can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Nothing works out the way it’s supposed to and at the same time, the things that were working out decide to fall apart simultaneously. It’s just one of those things. When those times hit, we serve ourselves well by reminding ourselves that everyone has their ‘fml’ times. 2013 has, so far, at least, been the year of FML for me. Then I get word that this job still exists and I still get to write about photos like these ones – photos of beautiful women (Gemma Atkinson in this case) sunbathing in bikinis – which makes the whole life thing seem a little less unfair. I mean, as far as employment goes, I have it pretty good. This is my job. It might not be paying the bills at the moment but waiting for a paycheck becomes a bit easier when your job involves writing about the best boobs and butts in the world all day.


  • Agreed, 2013 sucks. When it is over, I shall rejoice.

  • gemma is so fit