written by Christine

Gemma Atkinson Surf’s Up!

As you can see here, Gemma Atkinson is not ONLY one of the most famous models to come out of Great Britain, but she is also very talented with the water sports. Here she is looking svelte and fabulous and enjoying the surf and waves while in Australia. And she’s not just supermodel, she’s part human too. When she crashes, she takes it in stride, and looks OH so good doing so.

Gemma Atkinson Bikini

Gemma Atkinson Beach Gemma Atkinson 2.jpg Gemma Atkinson 3.jpg Gemma Atkinson 4.jpg Gemma Atkinson 5.jpg Gemma Atkinson 6.jpg Gemma Atkinson 7.jpg Gemma Atkinson 8.jpg

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  • Gemma keeps her body to be tight and sexy like no other girl and that means to her a lot, as far as I can see.


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