written by Wanda

Gemma Massey Lets It All Hang Out

If you’re not familiar with porn or porn stars, you may not know the name Gemma Massey but she is definitely one of the rising stars of the industry and when you look at these pictures, it isn’t hard to tell why. Most porn stars are only moderately attractive and it’s long been said that if you aren’t pretty enough to be a model, you can also work in porn. That may very well be true, but that isn’t the case with Gemma. She’s a total knockout. Her body is incredible, but she’s also got a beautiful face and a magnetic smile – not something you often get with porn stars. The fact that she’s willing to take her clothes off for the camera is only an added bonus.


  • So, Wanda. You write the copy but don’t choose the pics, huh? That’s a drag. And so is this chick. In drag, I mean. :) ‘Cause she looks like a man with some funny surgery. I’ll continue to check in. I like that you’re so responsive. I trust you’ll continue to do your best… :)

  • P.S.-

    Bree Olson? Avy Scott? Now, THOSE are good looking porn stars…

    • This one I’ll definitely say is a matter of poor education in the area. I don’t really know a whole lot about porn stars. I’m mainly going by some of the other porn stars I’ve posted about on here. Some of them are so unattractive! I have seen Avy Scott, I believe and I really liked her, but I love Bree Olson. Gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Definitely one of my favorites.

      You know what, I noticed the ‘mannish’ qualities, but I thought it might be my imagination. Also, it’s good to hear you’re going to keep coming back. I like checking in and having something I to respond to, even if we don’t often agree. I always do my best. Hopefully my best will get better!

  • P.S. yet, again…

    ALL natural, too…

  • her tits are awful

  • woww seems like she needs a new shoes…nice nice this is the new UK generation nice!!!!

  • I’m more intrigued by the person sitting next to Gemma. Quite androgynous looking, don’t you think?

    And for Gemma, what can I say. Nothing to say really. Her friends look more interesting to me. The lady in red looks cool; rock-chic like.

  • she is a massive slut tho im guessing, she might be more welcome to porn