written by Wanda

Gemma Merna Works Out

Gemma Merna is a beautiful woman. She has a fantastic body and she isn’t terribly shy about showing that body off. This lovely British actress is also appealing because she doesn’t buy into the old Hollywood rule about going under the knife to look as gorgeous as possible but denying it should anyone ask. Gemma’s admitted to getting a boob job at only twenty-one and while I’m not really a big fan of fake boobs, I appreciate her honesty. Besides, her boobs look great so why complain? In these photos, we get to see a little bit of the work Gemma puts in to keeping her body in shape and that’s always nice. I’m a big fan of this girl and look forward to seeing more of her.

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  • I think it’s anyone’s choice if they wanna have plastic surgery, but for God’s sake, use it to compliment what you already have, not overtake it. Gemma’s chest looks natural to me. In fact, I wouldn’t have known she’d had them done if you didn’t mention it. I would have just thought they were naturally generous :-)