written by Wanda

Georgia Salpa Shows Off Her Hot Body And Promotes A Product.

Georgia Salpa is a stunner. I absolutely love this girl. The model/actress/reality star/a bunch of other things looks just as hot as I would expect in these photos as she promotes Lynx Hair Product at her salon. Whenever I see photos like these ones, I always ask myself whether or not I would be willing to buy the product based on the photos I’m seeing and in this case, I actually might be. That doesn’t have much to do with Georgia though. I just think seeing hair products in front of a salon makes sense. The woman in the tight short dress is awesome and all but it doesn’t have much to do with hair so it doesn’t really sell the product for me. Who cares though? Georgia looks hot and isn’t that really what people come here for? These photos shouldn’t disappoint then.



  • Correct me if I am wrong but does her boobs look odd in the first photo? It looks like she just has one huge boob as they are rather smashed together.
    Other than that she does look pretty good. The dress just needs to fit her somewhat better in the chest area.

  • Dean I do agree with you. Her boobs in the first shot look totally messed up.
    However the rest of the sots looks great. She has a great body and it is apparent that she takes wonderful care of her body.

  • damn she is a hottie, killer body wow

  • I think that she is gorgeous. She looks stunning here. The dress is hot and she looks killer. The boobs do not really bother me, it is just how she is standing in the first one I am pretty sure.

  • what a babe

  • those legs yummy