written by Christine

Geri Halliwell’s Boob Flash!

Here is the lovely Geri Halliwell Not sure where she’s going, or who she’s with, but it seems like she pulled a “WHOOPS! There it is!”. Does everyone see what’s going on here? Because to me it looks like Geri is a little oblivious to the whole situation. What is UP with that? But there it is folks, for all of you that wanted Geri up close and personal, you got it!

Geri Haliwell

Geri Halliwell Boobs Geri Haliwell Geri Haliwell 3.jpg Geri Haliwell 4.jpg Geri Haliwell 5.jpg Geri Haliwell 6.jpg Geri Haliwell 7.jpg Geri Haliwell 8.jpg Geri Haliwell 9.jpg

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  • Nice nipple


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