written by Wanda

Geri Halliwell Brings Back The Jack

I’m a huge fan of Geri Halliwell and all things Spice Girl. I have been since I was but a little things, probably about thirteen or fourteen years old. What to I think of when I think of the Girls in their heyday? The “Wannabe” video, the Pepsi commercial, “Spiceworld” but more than any of that, I think of Geri and her Union Jack dress. For that reason, I’m absolutely thrilled Geri has launched the Union Jack Clothing line. These pictures from the line’s launch in London are absolutely fabulous. In my always humble opinion, Geri looks better now than she did when she wore the original dress. I also like the updated version of the dress a lot more. These pictures make me feel nostalgic for a time when things were better and that makes me feel good. Love this woman and love these pictures.


  • She still got it!!

  • I hardly recognised Geri as she is now – not that she doesn’t look gorgeous, just that she looks really different. If you hadn’t mentioned it was her, I would have thought it was some model posing beside an old picture of Ginger Spice.

  • I didn’t recognise her either. Her face looks radiant. I wonder if she’s a vegetarian or vegan. I wouldn’t say she looks better than she did before, because that might imply she didn’t look that good before. I think she looked good then and she looks good now.

  • I don’t know if she’s vegan or vegetarian but whatever she’s on is definitely working for her. Probably exercise too. The rest is probably down to genetics. She does look amazing though. Radiant, I agree. Glowing. Like she’s in love.

  • Ah, maybe she IS in love. Wonder who the lucky person is. Or maybe she’s pregnant. You know, that good ole pregnancy glow. Or maybe she’s both: in love AND pregnant. OK, OK, my imagination’s running away with me. I’ll stop now!