written by Wanda

Geri Halliwell Checks Her Girls

A lot was made of these shots of erstwhile Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, manhandling her own boobies on a boat recently, but hey, a girl has to make sure her girls are still under wraps. After Geri’s infamous nip slip at the Brit Awards in the Spice Girl’s hay day, one can’t blame her for wanting to keep that from happening again. Sure, her boobs are nothing we haven’t seen before. Remember those infamous nudie pics that came out that apparently got her kicked out of the girl power squad? Nice. The thing that really gets me about these pictures is that Geri still looks every bit as good as she looked back when she was still dancing alongside Scary, Baby, Posh and Sporty. Way to go Ginger! Girl power, indeed!

Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri HalliwellGeri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell


  • “Hmmm, interesting.”

  • Ha ha!, she looks like she’s having a peace summit with them! Anyway, they are her boobies after all — no-one has more of a right to touch them and handle them any which way they want than she has.

  • I think Geri is the one that decided to leave The Spice Girls. I don’t think the nude photos had anything to do with her departure at all. I think she did the nude thing before she joined the group.

    • She did the photos long before she was in the band, but if memory serves, they surfaced at the height of the Spice Girls’ popularity. I’ve heard some of the girls say the band kicked her out and I’ve heard some of the girls say she left on her own. I’m not sure which one was true. A lot of people have said that whoever made the decision, the photos played a big role in the decision. I think it’s ridiculous of course, especially when you consider what some of today’s pop stars get up to.

  • I have a feeling it’s more likely she left than the band kicking her out. Considering how essential it was to have all five, I don’t think they would have risked the band’s success by getting rid of her. I think, as is with some bands, one member feels they’ve outgrown the group and wants to go solo and goes for it.

  • jooo toi harmaa oli niiin sf6pf6f6. ^-^ ja vnekoaln oli aika muhkee. iha pe4e4ryne4. Ei ollu vaikee kuvata, ne vaan oli tohon aikaan iha ve4syneite4. nukkus joka paikas

  • Hot that she is playing with her girls. But what I want to know is men get so much crap for adjusting their junk. Is this not the same thing? Does not really bother me but come on ladies please be fair.

  • nice

  • geri is a milf