written by Wanda

Geri Halliwell Has Killer Legs.

I love Geri Halliwell. I was a big Spice Girls fan when I was a teenager and while Ginger Spice wasn’t my favorite at the time, she has certainly become my favorite as the years have passed. Geri looks better today than she did as a Spice Girl and those legs? Please. Those are some amazing gams. Arriving at Viva Forever Cocktail Launch in London, we kind of almost get a Geri Halliwell upskirt shot but I don’t think it really counts as no panties are seen. Geri seems to know how to cross and uncross her legs in the backseat of a car without flashing the good stuff. While that might not sound like high praise, one thing I’ve learned working here for as long as I have is that this is a feat a lot of stars seem to have trouble with. Good on Geri. I love this babe. Absolutely beautiful.

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  • great legs she has, she is fit tho all round, she has cracking tits too