written by Wanda

Geri Halliwell Looks Hot In A Tight Dress

A lot of people like to look at Geri Halliwell and say “Poor Geri, she has no luck in love”. I just don’t think that’s true. To me, Geri is the epitome of strength and confidence. She is a woman in control of her own life and I definitely respect that. Geri and boyfriend Henry Beckwith arrived at McLaren Automotive Showroom opening at One Hyde Park looking happy and comfortable together. Perhaps this is the one that will work out for Geri. Regardless, one thing is certain, Geri is a gorgeous woman that only seems to get more gorgeous with age. She has an incredible body and I love that she has a sort of girl next door sort of appeal. I have been a Geri Halliwell fan since Spice Girls and I don’t see that changing any time soon.


  • i like that dress…any idea where i could buy it?

    • I’m not sure actually. It is really nice, though.

  • fine looking women, awesome figure, those legs are great

  • she is ok, mel b pisses all over her in looks tho, she was the fittest spice girl imo