written by irene

Get “Lost” With Evangeline Lilly

Okay, so I have a question. If you were supposed to be stranded in an island and you can only bring one actress for you to share that island with, who will you bring? I’m not immediately saying that you just HAVE TO bring Evangeline Lilly, no sirree. However, if you check out these photos, I’m sure you cannot think of any other actress besides her. I mean, come on, who can say no to pretty Evangeline especially when she’s about to tempt you while taking a bath at a waterfall?

Sexy Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly Lost Evangeline Lilly Photoshoot Evangeline Lilly 3.jpeg Evangeline Lilly 4.jpeg Evangeline Lilly 5.jpeg Evangeline Lilly 6.jpeg Evangeline Lilly 7.jpeg


  • This is probably one of the best Photoshoots I ever seen. Good job Evangeline Lilly!

  • On of the reasons I can’t wait for Lost 4th season to start.

  • 5th picture OMG :))


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