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Gianne Albertoni Stops To Smell The Flowers

Until a few short moments ago, I had no idea who Gianne Albertoni was. I opened the pictures not knowing what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect what I found. What beautiful photos of an incredibly beautiful woman. I’ve written about a lot of photos since I began working here but the first photo in this set may well be my favorite so far. All of the photos are beautiful, of course, but that first one really grabs my attention. I guess it’s the subtle reminder it offers to take time out for the little things. I needed this photo today. There aren’t many photos on this site I look at once I’ve published my post but this one will be an exception. I can’t wait to see more of Gianne. She’s a captivating woman.

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  • She is stunning. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Amazing. Get the point? I love the first photo of her. Looks like a fairy. Very attractive if you want my opinion. I feel that you can post more photos of her if you wish.