written by Wanda

Gillian Anderson Is Still Beautiful

I used to be a huge Gillian Anderson fan but to be honest, I kind of forgot about her there for a while so when these photos popped up (shot at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow), I was excited to see how she’s looking these days. So how is she looking? Pretty darn good. I’ve always loved that Gillian doesn’t need to try to fit in with typical Hollywood standards of beauty. She has her own thing going on. Here’s what confuses me about these pictures though – has she always looked this much like Kate Winslet or is it just these photos? Or, and perhaps more likely, is the similarity my imagination. I have a hard time looking at these pictures without seeing Kate. Not really a problem for me as I love Kate but it’s just kind of weird. Regardless, she looks beautiful. I’m glad to see her again.



  • WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE THAT RUN THIS SITE? Lately I come here(I’m about to not come anymore) and my monitor is appropriated by this message “You’ve spent quite some time on HQ Celebrity! Share and never see this message again.” Now, is THIS how they reward a frequent visitor to their site? By extorting me with an advertisement exclaiming that I will not be able to avoid it if I don’t spread the word about them? Suppose I don’t use Facebook? Why are people so stupid?

    • Frank, calm down and stop throwing around insults. I’m not responsible for the ad and I’m honestly not a big fan of it myself but really there is a right way to voice dissatisfaction and a wrong way. Calling people stupid is the wrong way. This site is offered for free. We don’t charge a subscription or demand money for content. Hosting also costs a fair bit of money if I understand it correctly so sometimes the folks in control have to try out new ways of making money. I don’t think this particular ad is a good idea as it is going to annoy some people and drive them away. But seriously, at the end of the day, it’s nothing more than a minor inconvenience on a site that is predominantly about boobs and butts. Just as a question – as a loyal visitor (or one time loyal visitor), would you actually click on ads and purchase things to help support the site? I’m not being confrontation but asking what I think is a legitimate question. If not, how would you support the site? Of course we appreciate everyone who comes to the site and returns on a regular basis and of course we hope you’ll stick with us even though the ad is a pain in the butt (I can’t say for sure that it’ll be done away with as I have no control over such things) but without revenue, there will be no site to visit.

      Anyway, perhaps I didn’t make this clear in my rant. I have a headache and am just generally a pretty cranky person, but the feedback is appreciated. I’m just saying that perhaps instead of asking what’s wrong with the people that run the site and calling people stupid, you would’ve made a bigger impact sticking with what you said in between. Or perhaps not because I’m responding. I hope you decide to come back though. You would be missed. I don’t always love your comments but it’s always nice to see your name pop up when I’m checking out responses.

  • Well, I happen to think my comments are well within reason. Even as I type, I have been interrupted by that ridiculous ad. If you refresh your page for any reason, it comes up again. And so, which is it? Sensible, or stupid to run your regular visitors away like this? Off topic for a moment, I can’t imagine before my rant in this last post, what it is I’ve said that put you off before… Anyway, there are other ways to advertise without extorting your visitors. I realize you don’t run the site, Wanda, so I hope you don’t think my rant was directed at you personally. As you say, “it is a minor inconvenience on a site that is predominantly about boobs and butts”. But in exactly that regard, that’s a reason to stop coming. Not like I can’t live without the content. It IS posted at other places around the net. Often, before it gets here.

    Plenty of other sites advertise(even in annoying ways) without taking control from the visitor. Why not just sell ad space? There’s certainly enough of it here. Especially since, as I said, I don’t use Facebook. So, I guess that means I’ll be forced to see the ad every time I come here, or stop coming…

    • I will definitely pass your concerns along. We don’t want to lose our regular visitors. Perhaps the ad wasn’t considered from all angles before it was posted. I’ve noticed it’s been popping up on other sites as well so I think it’s probably a new form of advertising that people are trying out. It would be easily fixed with a simple close button.
      As for selling ad space, from what I understand from my own website, selling as space can hurt your placement in Google and that’s certainly not something anyone who runs a website wants. I currently just have affiliate ads and pop unders (only show up once/per visit) and I’m literally making 0.50 a month off that site – hardly enough to pay the bills. If I actually had to pay for hosting on that one, the site would’ve been dead long ago.
      Anyway, I hope that the ad gets taken care of and you do some back. Previous comments you’ve made that have gotten my back up… to be honest, I can’t remember any right off the top of my head. Perhaps I’m confusing you with someone else. If that’s the case, I’m really and truly sorry. You always “tell it like it is” to use an old cliche and I respect that.
      Finally, I know the rant wasn’t aimed at me but I’m loyal to my boss around these parts. I work for a few different sites and my boss here is probably the coolest of them all. Not kissing butt. Just a fact. He’s helped me out in tough situations over the years. I probably overreacted but that’s kind of what I do sometimes.

  • Gillian and Kate Winslet are both beautiful women. However, I don’t see the resemblance. Maybe it’s Gillian’s airs and graces that might be similar to Kate’s, but facially I don’t see the resemblance.

    I notice the picture was taken in the snow. They must have been freezing. Unless it’s fake snow.

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