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Girls Aloud Candid Filming St. Trinian’s Film

Well known British girl group Girls Aloud filming new St. Trinian’s film. There are hot pictures of Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole.


Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_1.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_2.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_3.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_4.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_5.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_6.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_7.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_8.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_9.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_10.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_11.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_12.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_13.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_14.jpg Girls_Aloud_candid_St._Trinians_film_15.jpg


  • i am so nervous about the new film i am only excited to see it coz me fav band is in it,girls aloud

  • Girls aloud, nice to listen to, nice to look at.

  • Nicola Roberts is so hot – beautiful body – pretty face – does it for me everytime – super fit – best body in the band by far…. My ultimate fantasy girl – yummy…..

  • Nadine coyle is well fit she has the best body and a lush ass

  • I agree with paul she has a pretty face and a nice bum

  • nicola roberts is by far the hottest in this band. so beautiful great stomach and the sexiest legs on earth! without doubt my ideal women

  • I LOVE girls aloud they are just the best band in the planet earth i love them soooooooooooooo much and I cant wait to see their consert. Nadine and Cheryl are my fav Nadine because she is from where i am from and cheryl because she is just my fav. I LOVE YOU GIRLS ALOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimberley for me