written by Ann

Girls Aloud In The Tangled Up Tour

Girls Aloud performed in Brighton as part of their The Tangled Up Tour. This tour was given the nickname of the “Toe Tour” because the Girls wore sexy costumes that exposed their camel toes. The Girls had changed their image. Previously, they were squeaky clean. For this tour, their costumes were sexy attire in corsets, PVC, teeny bopper mini skirts and lacy body suits. The back up dancers were also attired in sexy costumes and their choreography was also sexy. Click on more to see all pictures of Cheryl Cole, and co.

Girls Aloud

sexy costumesr Girls Aloud 2.jpg Toe Tour Girls Aloud performing Live in Brighton Girls Aloud 7.jpg Girls Aloud 8.jpg Girls Aloud 9.jpg Girls Aloud 10.jpg Girls Aloud 11.jpg Girls Aloud 12.jpg Girls Aloud 13.jpg Girls Aloud 14.jpg Girls Aloud 15.jpg Girls Aloud 16.jpg Girls Aloud 17.jpg Girls Aloud 18.jpg Girls Aloud 19.jpg Girls Aloud 20.jpg hose Mini Skirts Girls Aloud 23.jpg Girls Aloud 24.jpg Girls Aloud 25.jpg


  • I think Cheryl Cole is the sexiest!

  • hot!

  • Does anyone know where to get their leotards from???

  • Beauties in hose!

  • This was a really hot performance!

  • Can’t get bored of Cheryl Cole

  • can n e one tel me wear l can get the yellow dress that cheryl tweedy wore at the brits plz help xxxxx

  • I don’t get it. Are they a pop girl group or something?

  • OMG looks like she wanna show something.i can almost see her pussy

  • nicola roberts has the hottest body