written by Ann

Girls Aloud Looking Beautiful

The British pop band, Girls Aloud, were at the Music Industry Trusts Awards 2008 in London. The “girls” looked beautiful. Sara Harding had some shocking news. She had a head on collision with a double-decker bus. Harding admitted she was distracted because she had recently moved into a new neighbourhood. She drove up a one way street and wrecked her car when the bus ploughed into her. Harding was very lucky to emerge unscathed after the accident.

Girls Aloud

Sara Harding Girls Aloud in London Beautiful Girls Aloud purple dress Music Industry Trusts Awards


  • Cheryl Cole is sexiest Girl Aloud:p

  • nicola roberts sexiest by far

  • Sarah Harding is the most beautiful.Then the other four come in tied for second.