written by Ann

Gisele Bunchen’s Tush In GQ July 2008

Gisele Bundchen is in GQ for July 2008. Gisele wore or took off a variety of outfits for this fashion shoot. Gisele has always been slim and if you are her fan, you’ll love these pictures.

Gisele also gave an interview to the magazine. She talked about how good Tom Brady was to her. She described her work as being a model for clothes and not as glamorous as people were mistaken to believe. She denied that she was making over $35 million yearly.

Gisele Bunchen

GQ July 2008 lovely Gisele Bunchen GQ magazine underwear Gisele Bunchen 7.jpg Gisele Bunchen 8.jpg Gisele Bunchen 9.jpg naked Gisele Bunchen


  • she is sexier than ever!

  • I wanna see HQ pictures

  • too brazen

    vomiting photos

    frog appears to open patotas

  • In my opinion to outgoing pics.

  • she’s awesome, she got gr9 tits and relly nice legs

  • Gisele Bunchen is really hot on those photos.

  • If Gisele Bunchen is not the hottest model alive, name the one that is!?